Video/ Audio Streaming

Streaming media (video/ audio) through the internet is a huge trend, with many many applications. It has open up a doorway to new online services like video sharing, online tv, voip, video conferencing, video banners, online walkthrough and so many more. It has brought online communication to a whole new level, and even more so this technology is readily available to the mass.

A list of Services through streaming media;

  • Broadcast Live TV/ Sport Coverage/ Event or Seminar
  • Online video/ audio Training & Seminar
  • Internet Radio & TV
  • Video on Demand. Paid video streaming services.
  • Incorporating corporate video into corporate website
  • Video Advertising
  • Online Promotion & SEO
  • Video Conference
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) or video chat
  • Video Security & Monitoring

How we can help you?

  • Development of Streaming Application.
    We can help developed a running application to stream video or audio into the internet.
  • Development of Video Content Management.
    We can help you developed a fully video content management system, with user management, video management, account etc.
  • Streaming Consultation
    Setting up the right hardware, component and software for video streaming is an expensive and complex process. Getting the correct consultation is thus very important.
  • Streaming media hosting
    Hosting your own media server are expensive. We have the architecture to support your video delivery needs.



Video streaming are compressed video that are delivered to the target audience in many small packages. This method allow the video to be view as it is being downloads and thus enhancing user experience when viewing video content from the internet.

The three main technologies available for video streaming are Flash Video, Window Media & Realmedia, all which uses their own compression, method and server to deliver the video content.




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