What is GFS

GreenFrog Studio is a pool of frogs with the talents, ideas and professional experiences. This creative pool is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have the capacity to provide insightful consultation to your web, media & brand development.

Being an internet company. our market are here in Malaysia and of course globally.


Results Oriented

We are a result oriented company. We do not believe in pushing for fancy features, glossy website that builds little value for you and your company. Being experience we help you by building your website or your brand strategy the right way.

We are always on fore-front exploring new ideas and technologies so that we can bring it to you. We are big on idea, but in-tuned with the needs of the market. We are here to help you not just develop great looking website but develop website that works.


Investing in a Website

For starters a good website aren't cheap. But if it is done right a website would provide one of the best investment for your company. A website stay on with you for a long time and it helps develop your brand and online presence. It not a surprise to see how a website can easily double or triple your sales.

These are what we are good at; and if you like what you heard so far; perhaps you can contact us today.


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