The First Few Minutes

In the first few of minutes your customers is expose to you either though your operation facility, retail outlets, television, internet or through one of your sales team, What kind of perception do you want them to have of you?

In these few minutes, how can you project the correct first impression of your company that will last in their heart & mind.


Corporate Video

Corporate Video is a great way to tell a story or to propogate your message. It can be a simple 30 seconds promo to a detail documentation taking up to 10 minutes. Corporate video is easy to digest and can be broadcast just about anywhere. In your retail outlet, through a effective sales kits which your sales teams carry or even on that beautiful LCD TV in your office.

These days as video becomes more and more prevalent on the internet, you can easily incorporate your corporate video into your corporate website or as a promotional tool on video sharing website like youtube.

We can help you developed:

  • Promotional Video
  • Commercial Video
  • Sales & Marketing Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Internal Video
  • Training Video
  • Interview Video
  • Seminar & Event Video

We effectively provides these services:

  • Video Editing
  • Animation/ 3D Rendering
  • Motion Graphic & Animation
  • Videography
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Sound Editing & Sweetening
  • Musical Composition
  • Script Development
  • Storyboard Development


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